Emulating Raj Thackeray's campaign of "Khallll-Khattack" Congress MLA Nitesh Rane Lead a  'Slimy' Attack on a road sub-engineer of Maharashtra. He was arrested along with his two associates, for assaulting government official on duty.

Nitesh Rane an aggressive Konkan leader had gone to "inspect" road repairs along with his supporters on a stretch of the Mumbai-Goa highway. They poured muddy water on a road sub-engineer, Prakash Shedekar.

Congress lawmaker Nitesh Rane was seen performing this act in front of congenial  camerapersons who shot the video and shared with media.

While leading an attack on a government official who was covered with mud and slime Nitesh  shouted at the official, alleging that people had to suffer muddy and potholed roads routinely because of his incompetence.

Nitesh Rane and his supporters had gone to "inspect" road repairs on a stretch of the Mumbai-Goa highway when they targeted a sub-engineer, Prakash Shedekar, over the condition of the road.

"People are suffering it daily... Now, you also experience it," the legislator and his cronies said, tipping buckets full of slime on Mr Shedekar, manhandling him and even tried to tie him up.

Nitesh Rane is seen questioning the mud-covered official aggressively. "Who has given you the right to sink Kankavli under slime," the politician and his supporters.

Videos of the incident have been widely circulated on social media.

Though his political mentor (his father) Narayan Rane, a Rajya Sabha member supported by the BJP, has offered his apologies, Nitish Rane said,  "Now I will myself oversee the repair work on this highway, with a stick in my hand. Every day at 7 am I will reach here. Let me see how the system wins."

Nitesh Rane is a repeat offender. In 2017, he threw a fish at a senior government officer when he lost his temper during a meeting.

He is yet to apologise but his father

"This behaviour is wrong. The protest over the highway issue is correct but this violence by his supporters is not correct. I don't support this," said Narayan Rane.

Asked whether he would ask his son to apologise, Rane senior said: "Why won't I ask him to apologise? He is my son. If a father can apologise for no fault of his, son will have to apologise."

This is the latest example of entitled VIP behaviour a week after BJP legislator Akash Vijayvargiya assaulted with a cricket bat an official working on removing encroachments in an area in Madhya Pradesh's city of Indore.